Locking in fuel costs with Portland Transport Operator -

Fuel specialist Portland has highlighted the value of locking in a guaranteed diesel cost for budgetary certainty.

The York-based supplier says it can provide a range of fixed price solutions to suit all fuel purchase methods. It offers physical delivery of commercial fuels at a long-term fixed price via road tanker, through fuel cards and via fuel network transfer, as well as providing fuel hedging for those businesses that may not wish to change supplier.

“It has been well documented that movements in fuel prices can seriously impact budgets, with the average UK bulk diesel price moving between £1.04 and £1.57 per litre in the twelve months to September 2023, making tools to avoid market volatility an important consideration,” said Portland.

“The fixed price provided by Portland means that transport operators gain complete control over fuel costs, so they can forecast diesel spend accurately and focus on their core business activities, no matter how the product is supplied.”

It is possible to fix a pence-per-litre price for up to 18 months in advance with the company. There is no fee charged to lock in a price, says Portland, and very low minimum volume commitments are required.

Portland has been offering its range of fixed price fuel services since 2009, with a client base including hauliers, own-fleet operators, bus and coach companies, wholesalers, farms, construction firms and many other industry sectors.