Portland Pricing Partners with FORS to enhance fuel price management for UK operators Freight Carbon Zero -

Fuel pricing specialist, Portland Pricing, has joined forces with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) in the UK to provide accurate and actionable fuel price information to fleet operators. The partnership aims to assist FORS operators in managing their fuel costs effectively and accessing discounted rates, addressing the impact of fluctuating diesel and HVO prices on their budgets.

Portland Pricing, a specialist in fuel pricing, has recently formed a partnership with FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme), a voluntary accreditation program designed to enhance standards for fleet operators in the UK. Portland Pricing, offered by Portland Analytics Ltd, will now serve as the official provider of fuel price information to FORS operators, delivering practical insights to facilitate efficient fuel price management and cost reduction. With over a decade of experience in publishing fuel price data in the UK market, the York-based company aims to simplify and clarify fuel procurement for commercial users. This partnership designates Portland as a FORS Affinity Partner, granting discounted rates to FORS operators.

Irrespective of whether a company directly purchases fuel or outsources this aspect of its operations, it’s widely acknowledged that fluctuations in diesel and HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) prices can significantly impact budgets. Bulk diesel prices in the UK have experienced considerable volatility over the past year, fluctuating between £1.04 and £1.57 per litre since September 1, 2022. This underscores the importance of accurately reflecting fuel costs in haulage agreements and securing the best possible prices relative to the wholesale base cost.

Portland Pricing serves a diverse client base spanning multiple sectors, including logistics firms, fleet operators, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. The company’s expertise encompasses all aspects of the fuel supply chain, covering both traditional and future fuel markets. In addition to its pricing service, Portland Analytics also offers more comprehensive consultancy services.

For a subscription starting at £40 + VAT per month, businesses can access Portland’s online pricing portal. This portal provides access to an industry-leading Fuel Surcharge index and calculator, offering insight into the underlying wholesale fuel costs, allowing users to track premiums charged by suppliers and understand the best times to make fuel purchases based on market fluctuations. The service also offers data on the average price of bulk fuel by region, pricing and emissions data for alternative fuels like HVO, as well as average fuel card and forecourt prices. The data is available across five dedicated toolkits, enabling users to tailor their subscription to their specific needs, with a 5% discount available to FORS members. All services include access to daily market headlines, offering context behind price movements, alongside information on underlying crude oil prices and exchange rates.